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    This is my new baby! I got it Saturday and I love it! It was 70% off at Macys. Love it!
  2. Congrats, AMAZING deal!
  3. wow thats a really good deal congrats!!!
  4. very cute.. what a steal!!!! :yahoo:
  5. thanks guys ;) i love it. I love the fact that it fits over my leather jacket, that was a added bonus!!
  6. Wow!! What a great deal! Congrats!
  7. you'll LOVE it!!! i have it in chocolate...
  8. Danielle, I love the new bag and welcome in!:flowers:
    70% , why can't I find deals like that!
  9. Wow amazing price!
  10. It's reeeeally pretty!! I love the shape of it!!! Congrats on the great deal and bag!!!
  11. beautiful bag and great deal!! congrats!
  12. Great bag and deal...congrats!!
  13. Beautiful and WOW! 70% off !!! You got an amazing deal!!
  14. Great deal! Someone came in with a wine leather one today at my work at they are cute little bags :yes:
  15. That is a lovely bag! Congrats!