Danielle's Collection

  1. Here is my collection! :flowers:

    LV: Marshmallow Houston, Marshmallow PTI, Framboise Bedford, Framboise French Purse, Beige Bedford, Red Lexington, Khaki Mini Monogram Noelie, Black Satin Little Papillon, Monogram Keepall 45 w/ shoulder strap, Monogram Pochette, Monogram Sac Coussin GM.

    Balenciaga: Rouge Day, Emerald First

    And just a few others from Pucci, Prada and Coach. :cool:

    LVs01d.JPG balenciagas01d.JPG
    pucci01.JPG prada01.JPG
  2. great collection!
    You may consider watermarking though!
  3. Pretty! I love your bedfords! Great colors!
  4. lovely collection! i really like the sac coussin :smile:
  5. I love the emerald green balenciaga!
  6. Nice collection:yes:
  7. Great collection. I love your LV's! The emerald first is such a beautiful bag.
  8. beautiful collection and very well rounded!=)
  9. Nice collection!:smile:
  10. Oooh I love your vernis items, and the satin pap. is just too cute !
  11. Danielle you have such a great variety!! Love the B bags too! Lucci
  12. I love your Vernis pieces and the Emerald First!! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics!:love:
  13. wonderful collection, especially the balenciaga bags..
  14. really nice bags
    love ur lv's :smile:
  15. I love everything in your collection..thanks for sharing!
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