Danielle Nicole handbags

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  1. These bags are just beautiful! They are the most lightweight lambskin leather. I have the Kristi in turquoise, the Courtesan clutch in black, and just got the Kristi-mini (the perfect hobo) in a deep, rich purple. Sorry I don't have photos, but her site is: www.danielle-nicole.com.
  2. I've checked out her bags when she just designed them. She is a wonderful new designer who sells at a very reasonable, respectful price. I, personally did not buy one, but I remember Danielle, herself, being a very fine designer!
  3. My 1st DN handbag...definitely won't be the last
  4. Very cute!
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  5. Thanks
  6. So in the last few months I bought 2 more DN handbags. The quality is impressive especially since the price is very affordable.
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