Daniel Radcliffe...

  1. Oh No!!! That's a tad weird... but the play seems pretty messed up to begin with.
  2. That is a very very very odd little play.....
  3. ER...... :wtf: ^^ totally agree.... the play sounds really disturbing.....
  4. umm, yeah, that does sound disturbing. looks like Harry Potter is all grown up.
  5. wow, seems like he is going out of his way to play a character as far removed from young master potter as possible!!

    Its hard to believe he is still only seventeen. I hope he manages to keep his feet on the ground. :smile:
  6. Ew, that makes me old and dirty, and not in the good way.
  7. whoa..:amazed:

    & the play does sound really weird..
  8. i can't see it, but i respect that he's trying to not be pigeon-holed as harry. i hope he's good in it. :graucho:
  9. That would actually be interesting to see. You're so used to *British accent* "Hello, I'm Harry Potter!"

    So to see him branch out into something different (albiet different and crazy . . . )
  10. What??? Lol
  11. Er... what? The plot is like a bad mad lib.
  12. I wish that this play would be after all 7 movies but looks like it won't. I feel weird about it.
  13. But you can't expect him to be Harry Potter forever, can you?[/quote]

    Oh, I think I can! :smile: