Daniel Craig - The New James Bond?

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  1. So it's been announced officially - Daniel Craig is the new James Bond, and everyone is commenting how he is the first blonde Bond. But in my mind, he's the first fugly James Bond.

    What are they thinking?


    Is James Bond supposed to look so dried up and leathery? And why couldn't they get some cool (Hugh Jackman) or at least someone hot (Colin Farrell)?
  2. LOL There are soo many other actors that could have been the new James Bond. LOL Why him? :huh:
  3. He must have come pretty cheap - and everyone else said "no" - and his mother is financing the movie.

    I'm not a fan of Clive Owen - but Clive Owen would be 20x better than this Craig dude.

    More documented proof of this guy's fugliness:

    They need to send him to a spa STAT! Someone didn't know that even though blonds have more fun, they should use more sunblock.
  4. I think Clive Owen would have been 100x better. I think he's hot, not lately though mainly during his "Beyond Borders" days...
  5. Vlad told me about this... I'm not impressed at all.
  6. Damn, I wonder what brought that decision on :sad:
  7. Well, according to an MSNBC.com poll:

    Was Daniel Craig the right choice for the new James Bond? * 11995 responses

    41% Yes, he'll make a great 007
    59% No, I can't bear to watch

    *There probably should have been a "maybe" option for people who aren't so quick to make a decision. And if they had put a "Who's Daniel Craig?" option - it probably wouldn't have gotten 80% of the vote.

    Best Bond? * 18575 responses
    Sean Connery

    George Lazenby
    Roger Moore
    Timothy Dalton
    Pierce Brosnan
    Daniel Craig

    I'm a bit too young to have gotten into the Sean Connery Bond - but even I know he was quite cool and hot back in the day. For me, Pierce will always be Bond - he has suave and rugged - not just rugged and wrinkly like the pathetic new dude.
  8. Sean Connery is the only one I ever acknowledge as the real Bond. Granted, Moore had a few good moments, too. I think this is a total outrage. Scandalous. Clive Owen or even Jackman would have been a much better choice. I just can't see Craig to be as charming of a british double-O agent that I'd ever want to see. Hell, I had troubles accepting Brosnan, the way he evolved in his role though was respectable.

    Screw it, I'll just keep on watching Goldfinger.
  9. Connery is hard act to follow for anything, 40 years later and I'd still hit it. A recent gossip blog reported that they decided not to cast Jackman because he was too "fey", Ewan McGregor was "too short" and Collin Farrell was "too sleazy." While I agree with the third assertion, I think Tom Cruise proves that someone can be "fey" and "too short" and still make a believable action movie star. I definitely think Craig was a monetary decision.
    Source: http://www.wwtdd.com/index.php?type=one&i=203

    Now, tell me ladies, does this hunk of man appear too "fey" to you?

    I don't care if he stars in musicals (a man who can dance is even sexier). He should have been Bond!

    In other Bond news, they are trying to get Angelina Jolie to play the next Bond girl: http://wwtdd.com/index.php?type=one&i=206
    She and this nobody Bond have already worked together on one of the crappy Tomb Raider movies. And Angelina is one of the few hot women actresses who I think can believable play a brilliant spy (Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist, I think not!). Halle Berry was an amazing Bond girl, so I hope they keep up this streak of picking hot Oscar winning women who aren't just smokin' bodies but also have smokin' talent. Charlize Theron, Catherine Zeta Jones, Cate Blanchett would all be great Bond girls. Hillary Swank. . . not so much.

    In other other Bond news, Moneypenny and Q won't be in the new Bond movie. This makes sense because the movie is being adapted from the Casino Royale book which doesn't have either character. But come on, give us some Cleese, will ya?!
  10. How 'bout John Cleese as James Bond?!
  11. More, poll results for the new Bond pick.


    Daniel Craig has been chosen as the new James Bond -- do you approve?

    No, not at all (28.4%)

    Yes, absolutely(28.3%)

    I could care less -- I'm neither shaken nor stirred (25.0%)

    Um, sorry to ask, but who's Daniel Craig? (18.2%)

    A total of 13451 votes were collected.

    You know, when less than 30% of movie fans like your choice, and almost 20% don't know who the hell he is, perhaps it's time to recast.
  12. Clive Owen definitely would have made a better Bond. Did you guys see Layer Cake? Daniel wasn't bad in that.