Dangit...I think I want a Zoe clutch...

  1. If you have one...do you love it? Can you post pictures?
    I'm eyeing some on eBay...didn't see anyone at the outlet I went to on Sunday...and won't get to the other (non-signature carrying, and is usually hit or miss) outlet until President's weekend.

    How functional is this bag? Is it really only a "night out" bag? (DH and I RARELY go out...and if we do, it's to Chili's...hehehe).

    Sooo...either tell me you love it and use it all the time...or tell me it's completely impractical (but gorgeous nontheless!)
  2. hehehe...me too:yes:
  3. I'm selling mine (Madison) because its too small for me!
    It's very cute, though!
  4. I got, returned b/c it was damaged, and am now waiting for the delivery of a white/black zoe clutch. It is definitely small and a "night out" bag. It could probably fit a mini skinny or smaller wristlet, keys, lipstick and cell in it comfortably. I do love it, but my husband and I go out to eat at least once a month or so, so I was actually looking for a small bag like this. If you're looking for practicality (possibly a first on tpf ;) ), then probably not the way to go.

    I've attached a couple of pics of the one I returned so you can see. The replacement is on it's way so if you want more pics of the inside, I could probably try and do that for you within the next couple of days.
    clutch 1.JPG clutch 3.JPG
  5. ^^ Thanks willowsmom!

    man that bag is just too gorgeous...

    But practicality might win...
  6. Gorgeous bag. I want the green one though.
  7. Its a beautiful bag.. I want one now even thou I dont go out much!!
  8. I would pee my panties if I could find one in that gorg green/baby blue leather!
  9. They had the green/blue ones at Lahaska yesterday - in the Zoe.
  10. :wtf:

    so there is hope...

    hmmmmmmmmmmm :hrmm:

    maybe I will try the outlet in Clinton, CT this weekend...or beg my brother to look for me since he's going to the outlets to (and I'm directly quoting him) "get some new skibbies".

  11. The great thing about the zoe, is that it looks like you could dress it up or down. It really could go either way. I don't even use clutches and I kind of want one. *L*
  12. I'm aching for one,too!
  13. I am getting one this weekend! Still trying to decide whether I want black or legacy stripe...maybe both? Wooo

    Does anyone have a pic of one without the strap?
  14. i was totally eyeing the madison (but i was on a ban and now its gone) so im hoping there will be some at the outlets soon
  15. I got my black Madison at the outlet this past weekend!:smile: