Dangerous Expensive Obsession!

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  1. :wtf: SO DANGEROUS THIS PLACE IS! :wtf:

    so yeah... i signed up a few days ago and have been posting like mad in the Coach section...

    my collection is TINY but i've been inspired to make it BLOSSOM!


    i LOVE this idea and i LOVE this site, and i'd like to thank all the active members, moderators, and creators for the opportunity to share my obsession!

    :smile: i've finally found somewhere to express my love for my purses:smile:

    if only my mom knew how to use the internet, she'd be here hehe.

    i'm going to Connecticut in a few months to visit her, i'll be sure to tell her all abou this place while i'm weasling one of her vintage or even newer Coach purses from her... MUAHAHA!

    wish me luck... i'll need it...

    and wish me luck with March's purchase, cuz it's coming up SOON!

  2. Always nice to see an excited new member, welcome! :welcome:
  3. Glad to have you! Welcome!