dangerous chemicals found in SK-II products

  1. Hong Kong hit by health scares
    Pan Xiaoyang
    DO you eat imported American spinach, use SK-II cosmetics and receive ear candling therapy?

    If the answer is yes, then be warned because Hong Kong safety watchdogs have deemed them all dangerous to your health.

    According to Hong Kong newspapers, spinach produced in the United States contains colon bacillus, which has caused 50 cases of infection in the country. It has caused one death and eight cases of kidney failure.

    The Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department asked the US consulate in Hong Kong to inform about polluted spinach and to stop exporting spinach to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the department warned the public to wash vegetables carefully before cooking.

    The Hong Kong Economic Times reported, however, that the hygiene department had not received any reports of infection caused by imported spinach so far.

    The newspaper said major supermarkets, such as Citysuper, Sogo and Welcome, stopped selling US imported spinach on Friday when they heard the news about polluted spinach.

    Meanwhile, health concerns have intensified as excessive heavy metals have been found in products of SK-II, a popular Japanese cosmetic brand, which claimed to have whitening and lifting effects on skin.

    City University of Hong Kong announced Friday that their test results showed four products of SK-II contain heavy metals neodymium and chromium, which are forbidden in cosmetics sold in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Customs have taken some SK-II samples and said they would announce test results in a week.

    The largest chain store of cosmetics, Sa Sa, announced a recall of all SK-II sold by Sa Sa. Mannings, a chain pharmacy, said customers could take back SK-II within 14 days.

    On the same day, the Hong Kong Consumer Council warned the public that ear candling therapy was dangerous.

    Ear candling is used to clear earwax and reduce tension by lighting a hollow candle inserted in the patient's ear.

    taken from Hong Kong hit by health scares
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