Danger Alert For Anyone In The Uk

  1. This sounds ridiculous but my bin just flew into the air so I went out to get it and I was nearly in the air. I would like to warn people before they go outside. The wind has nearly taken everything in my garden. Im off high school because Im ILL but Im sooooooooo glad, Its too bad outside to go out. Seriously be warned.

    My dog will go to the door when it wants to Pee or poo and Im gunna take him to my backgarden on his lead because I fear the wind will blow him away. My bedroom window keeps coming open so I have used a belt to tie the handel to my bed :s Its awful out there. Its the worst Ive ever seen it.
  2. Dont I KNOW it!

    I swear were gonna fly away, Wizard of Oz styleee!

    Things are ripping out of top of buildings (satilite dishes, garden furniture, cables connected to the sides of the buildings).
    I woke up in the morning with a loud banging sound. The hinges to balcony had come unloose and opened! thank goodness my cat didnt see the opportunity and run out! She was too busy cowering in the corner, bless her!

    Its really loud isnt it? The wind and the noises of things being ripped out and smacked around! I nearly flew away (and I aint that light!) this morning on my way to work! (I was wearing my Prada cape and I looked like a superhero!)
  3. hahaha :lol::lol:, Im actually listening to some music and I can still hear it. Two of my brothers footballs have gone astray and our bin is in the fountain :wtf:. Our garden looks like a war zone. My grandma phoned before and said that everything was smashed up in her garden. :wacko:
  4. Crazy! It is just really cold here 5 degrees F (-15 C)

    Hope you feel better soon, Steve!
  5. thanks Pipi :flowers:, yeah lol it is sooooo crazy, its soooooo loud, I hope I dont end up like mary poppins, in the sky LOL ! :nuts:
  6. That's so funny! I was thinking about Mary Poppins when I read this post!
  7. Same here in Germany at the moment. 12°C in January... but the wind is horrible. I was outside for maybe one hour (most of the time in shops!) and it was a PITA...
  8. Haha my Dad just emailed me and he can't leave work because a tree has blown down in the middle of the drive to his workplace!!! He's totally stuck there until the council removes it.

    The winds are pretty scary today, bits of roof tiles and tree branches have been blowing everywhere and everyones dustbins are blocking the roads and pavements - those things are really heavy too! I got drenched walking from the door to my friends car and all my hair was wet through, and it's really thick hair!
  9. Steve, I know! How crazy is the wind right now! There are two HUGE trees that have blow over in our road, its crazy! lol! I'm off school aswell today because i'm ill and i'm not letting my dog out of the house either, he is so small and will just get swept away lol!
    Hope your feeling better soon!
    P.S. Hannah got in touch with me about the Shoppin Trip/Drinks Meet-Up instead of the Manchester Meet-Up, I think its a FABULOUS idea, so whenever you need to sort out some details just give me a shout and I'll help work somthing out with you!
  10. My wheelie bin has flown over too! I've just left it, my fiancee can pick it up when he gets home, i darent leave the house!!
  11. It's windy here too in Holland. I'm just watching the news and they're showing all the people being blown off their bikes!
  12. Oh my! I had no idea it was that bad!

    It's been snowing on and off in Edinburgh, but other than that it has been quite calm.

    You all stay safe! Keep those beautiful bags and shoes inside!;)
  13. hehe yeah everything in our garden is flying about is well altho its calmed down a lil now thank god!
  14. Wow, I can hear the Merry Poppins music from here...lol...
  15. well! i have my own horror story! i was walking along so the wind was behind me and it kept pushing my poor gucci tote of my shoulders and it was blowing everywhere :sad: poooooooor bag! if its the same tomorrow im using h&m messenger lol! no gucci or vuitton in these conditions for me! :sad:
    haha out outside table is in the pond, the wheelie bins are considerately close to joining the table in the pond too! im just worried because its my party tomorrow night and i dont want to go out after when im drunk in winds like these so i hope theyre calm tomorrow night!!! all keep your fingers crossed for me pleeeeeeease :biggrin:!