Dang...my relist STILL didn't sell.

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  1. Two times it's gotten 10 bucks shy of the reserve. I am setting a reserve of 45 bucks. Which for a 65 dollar item retail, brand new, is pretty fair, Id think.

    I started both times at $4.99 and both times the listing ended at 35.01. I was considering second chancing it to the last bidder but I refuse to sell below 45. Especially since now I have paid like $15 to list it twice and haven't sold it.

    Any suggestions? It's a brand new Kate Spade business card holder, leather, black with green trim. My cards are square and don't fit so since I can't return it (no Kate Spade store in St. Louis) I am trying to sell it.
  2. I would not list an item that you want $45 for as a reserve. I'd list it with BIN approx $10 higher than what you want to actually accept to give people room to haggle.
  3. I agree! I never use the reserve option, most people don't want to guess what that number is so they give up or don't bid.. it is a big waste of everyone's time. Maybe had someone known that you wanted $45 for it they would have bought it but since they don't know that they might imagine that your reserve price is way higher and then blow off your auction. It is always best to use BIN ..or start the auction at the very minimum you are willing to receive for it. Good luck!
  4. Another option would be to list it as an auction with a starting bid of $35.00 NR specifiying that its retail value is $65.00. You may be pleasantly surprised and get more than $45.00. I notice very little bidding activity on reserve auctions. They're no fun.
  5. No one likes reserve auctions anymore. Try BIN with Best Offer. Set your BIN at $65.00 and go from there.
  6. BTW....how does a $65 reserve cost $7.50 each time? I listed a $1300 bag with gallery and it cost $5.65.
  7. The best thing to do is the Buy it now option with best offers. I also don't bid on reserve price auctions because it's like a waist of time IMO.
  8. I have to agree, I do not like reserve auctions....as a buyer or a seller! I would list it as a BIN/Best offer...I have had a lot of luck with the best offer feature
  9. I agree with the others. I never bid on an auction with a reserve. I'm more likely to BIN if I really like something.
  10. i think you can also request for the fees back or at least they will be refunded if your item sells next time..
  11. ^^ I also thought you got fees back if you relist because the item didn't sell. Maybe check to see if you can get a refund from eBay?

    I agree that reserve auctions are off-putting. I was just looking at one today for a bag I want and have been looking for, but was like, "eh, it has a reserve...maybe I'll just wait for another one to come along." I don't really get the point of reserves, never have. If it's really, truly, the seller's absolute minimum, why not just set the starting price there, or close to it? I hate playing "guess what number I'm thinking of?" I'm not five years old; it's not fun anymore.

    OK, sorry, that got a little ranty. Obviously, not a fan of reserve auctions.
  12. You only get your fees back if it relists and then sells the second time around.
  13. I don't have the patience to put up with reserve auctions, I find them extremely frustrating. I also don't always have the patience to wait out those 5-7 day auctions either, I tend to want what I want NOW! LOL So, I'll even pay a little more and get the item off a 'buy it now' if another is available, just for the satisfaction of purchasing it instantly. Instant gratification. :smile:

  14. I totally agree. I hate reserve auctions!!! It's so stupid, IMO. Just do a B/O.
  15. Reserve price auction works very well with high priced and coveted hard-to-find or highly collectible items. Setting up the starting bid very low with reserve price for this kind of item will generate a bidding war and you'll be surprised how high the price ends up at end of auction.

    In your case, I would not do the reserve price style auction because of the item price, and there's low demand for it.