Dang! My Azap long needs fixing!

  1. Guess what. All the hurrying around today, including squeezing in a pedicure ... I snapped the zipper off my Azap Long wallet. The tiny piece holding on to the zipper pull flew across the room.

    Has anyone sent in their Agendas or Azaps (don't think so since this is so new) for zip replacement? I checked with my store and the craftsman does not have the zip to replace and it has to be sent back to Paris. How long would this take? Just an estimate?
  2. Sorry to hear that mrssparkles! I hope you get yours fixed very soon!

    Just out of interest. These things shouldn't happen on a wallet/agenda, so is Hermes fixing that for free (they should!)?
  3. Oh that's awful!! I'm sorry -- haven't sent anything in...but sounds like you might need a new wallet while you wait....
  4. ^^ shoes, I already have a standby wallet > another Azap Long but in Orange! ;)

    Man, I am going to miss my BJ wallet when it's gone .... Sigh.
  5. Goodness! Why aren't you in bed yet mrsS? :smile:
  6. sorry to hear that MrsS.....hope it gets fixed soon..

  7. Hee Hee - went out on a late night date with DH and I am all energised and can't sleep! I will suffer for this in the morning I tell you! I'm toggling between tPF and hermes.com looking for new stuff to see if they appeal to me or not.
  8. ^^lol mrss!!! I have one azap and one bearn and I want another something myself!! Good luck - they should replace it...darnit!
  9. Oh....dear, S! I am sorry to hear that! I can feel your frustration...I hope it works out for you to fix it...Sending it to Paris to fix for that little piece of leather...:wtf: ? I really hope they find an alternative solution for you!
  10. Sorry to hear that. Call madison ave and ask for Claude. Ask him what is the best thing to do. You don't want to send it somewhere if the problem can get fixed somewhere else. I think it's gonna be anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending if they have the piece they need.
  11. oh, this is too bad!

    i really love azap!
  12. Blue Jean Azap is going to be checked in for several weeks until she gets fixed.

    Meantime, it's Orange that gets to come out and play .... :idea: