Dang it, how DO I wear this scarf?

  1. OK, I've got the Passage A Tokyo scarf and have no idea on how to wear it. I'd like to show the purple square and this seems to be the only way to tie it so that it shows (actually, I can't tie the bloody thing so this was all I could come up with and my hair kept getting tied up in it). Is this OK? Will people laugh and point at me? Should i wear it with black? Am I dropping a magnum in this picture? *sigh* Too many questions, but I need a little help! I'd love to take her out for a spin.

  2. I like as on the picture.
    Is that a Bal box on the bed?
  3. show me a pic of the scarve laid flat so I can see where the purple bit is, it would help me work out a way to show it off. I like what you've done with it, my big worry when I wear scareves like that is that a gust of wind will blow it the ends up and over my face and get smudged with lipstick.
  4. Here it is flat Allaboutnice. The way I tied it (above) was just a half knot with it hanging over.

  5. That was quick, I'll have to have a play with my scarves later and I'll get back to you - I'm at work at the moment - temping to raise funds for a Birkin, at least it's Friday *sigh*

    Looks to me you could fold it in along the straight edge (rather than the maximum diagonal corners) and do a simple half knot to show it off...

    will get back with ideas later...
  6. I like the way you have tied it in the pic. Gorgeous, it looks nice against the black. Have you tried double tying it around your neck? That woul look lovely too. Also, folding it half (with the square on the side you want exposed and then tying it from the front where the square would be (like a baby bib) and bringing the ends from around the back of your neck back to the front. Does that make sense?
  7. i just learned the square knot. omg thank you SO much for those links!!
  8. hello!!! Great links!!
  9. I like it the way it is on you in that pic too! Those links are very helpful Hello, thank you for posting!
  10. Cal, you're so pretty and I love that scarf!
  11. Yay you posted pics! :biggrin: I really like how it looks the way that you are wearing it! There are some other ways to tie it on the Brooks Brothers site, and somewhere around here are the links to some Hermes scarf tying guides in pdf form, I just can't remember where I saw them :sad:
  12. Hey, "Hello," that's a great link!!! Thanks for posting that! I love the french twist. I wear mine that way most of the time.

    There's another style that I love, I think it's called cravat? maybe not...not sure. But it looks very "nautical" and men do it...I think it's kind of a british thing. Anybody, anybody? Maybe somebody knows.

    Nice scarf! I think it looks great the way you have it on.
  13. ^I think what you're referring to is similar to the slip knot. Like you would bind a tie, only with the knot further down. You fold the scarf along the bias and then bind it like a tie.

    Then there's the Ascot, that's what men do a lot.