Dang, I just can't seem to make a final decision.


Which one?

  1. White MC Speedy

  2. Olympe Stratus PM (Ecru)

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  1. Dang, you guys!

    All of you know that I have my wonderful white MC speedy on hold. However, a chance of the lifetime popped up for me.

    The Olympe Stratus PM in ECRU is in my shopping bag right now.

    I dont know which one I want more right now.

    SO, MC Speedy or Olympe Stratus.

    DANG, the white MC speedy was about to be paid for tonight until i saw this beauty on E-lux.

    Help guys! :tup:
  2. SPEEDY, no doubt!
  3. Darn, you guys! Im such a mess, I can never get to a final decision.

    Just when Im about to purchase my DREAM bag, I go on elux one last time to find this beauty.

    I need to go cry myself asleep in a corner of the room.
  4. You've wanted the Speedy for so long, get that one! All your decisions are either the Speedy or something else and since you already have the Speedy on hold...get it! :graucho:
  5. Haha, Rebecca.

    Check your myspace inbox in a few minutes, we need to have another 54681864681 hour long chat. :tup:
  6. I agree with the Speedy too. You've been talking about it for a long time. I am also not a fan of the Cloud line so I am a little biased.
  7. AH, you guys all i had to do was press confirm and the white mc speedy would be on its way to me.

    BUT, not the olympe stratus pops out of now where.

    i hate fate.
  8. I voted the Stratus because of it's classy beauty, but after some thought I did realize that the MC Speedy had been your dream bag for sooooo long. In the end, which do you think you would regret not buying more this time?

    Good luck! This seems like an awfully tough decision!
  9. close your eyes, get the one that first pop out in your mind.:p

    just kidding:supacool:

    i will suggest you get the stratus first(if you really love it!), you can always buy the multi speedy from Eluxury later.
  10. The speedy is at the top of your list......but its a permanent piece. The Stratus is a LE. Just food for thought. Good luck with your decision and let us know what you decide !!!!!
  11. Its time to call up the boyfriend, haha just kidding.
  12. You've wanted the Speedy FOREVER! You should go with it!

    How about this...pretend I am saying the following phrases to you:

    "Sophia, DON'T get the MC Speedy!"
    "Sophia, DON'T get the Stratus!"

    which one makes you think "NO WAY!!" more?? Whichever one, go with the bag that I "told" you not to get :p My boyfriend always uses that on me when I'm making decisions.
  13. I also have my mom on my tail saying if im going to purchase such an expensive bag get the one thats not outplayed and faked everywhere.

    but she says its my decision.
  14. Haha.
    I changed my decision by the way. :graucho:
  15. Oh boy --- tough choice. The MC Speedy is going up tomorrow to $2,000 USD. The Stratus PM is limited, but available right now. But you've been dying for the MC Speedy for the longest time.

    Which bag is calling your name louder? You may want to get the Stratus PM since this is limited. If for any reason, you don't love it as much as you originally did, you can always return it. Worse case scenario is that you'll have to return the Stratus and you would be paying a little bit more for the MC Speedy, but at least you would have had the Stratus on hand to make a better decision.

    Good luck!!