Dang, check out this dreamy RM Matinee

  1. That is pretty...but I'm too clutzy for a white bag. It's be grey and brown before the day was over thanks to 2 kids and 2 dogs!
  2. Yeah, I saw that one a few weeks ago at delcina, thought it was gorgeous, but purseinsanity's right... a white bag just won't stay white with normal use... (But I'd still get it! Ha!) :yes:
  3. Gung....how did I know this thread was started by YOU?????!!!!!!

    It's gorgeous and perfect for the holidays!!!! Can you imagine wearing it on a magical horse-carriage ride on a cool winter's day with the snow falling...under the stars and that bag sparkling on your lap???????
  4. GORGEOUS bag!! I love that color! I have that problem with white bags, too, though, they get dirty quite easily, but maybe there is some type of bag protectant lotion to apply before you first use it to prevent it from getting dirty?
  5. It is too beautiful! But watch out color transfering. I would like to look at it instead of carrying it.
  6. I don't mind white bags for everyday use. It looks so nice! I think I'm gonna get RM next! Maybe just a mini.
  7. oh, wow...it really is gorgeous, albeit difficult to clean so nice!
  8. WOW....that bag is gorgeous...!!! I'd just be terrified carrying it.... one speck on it would panic me haha
  9. Saw that on Luna Boston. It's dreamy...looks like snow! I am in love with the No Strings satchel in the same color.
  10. WOW! That is a really beautiful bag!!
  11. I ordered that one this weekend! I never thought I'd get a bag in that color, but I think it's beautiful. My boyfriend helped me pick it out after looking through the new RM stuff and he liked that one a lot so I bought it. It'll be arriving on Monday! aaaaaaah. I hope I am brave enough to let it exist outside the dust bag!
  12. Someone ought to buy it! That one on eBay is like 30% off! The only other place I know where to buy it is delcina.com for way more!
  13. I have it on my watch list. It was love at first sight but I'd be so afraid to carry it. Two large dogs, five horses, six cats and various other 4-legged critters do not bode well for that white bag. :crybaby:
  14. THat is my second favorite RM color so far but I have owned two white bags before.. a Prada leather which resisted color transfer and dirt like a champ and an HH in chalk that absorbed all dirt within a 50 mile radius and absorbed the blue right out of my jeans.
    WOAH, you need to tell us how she carries and resists dirt, grime and color transfer.