Dang! Bag I want for PCE is sold out!!!

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  1. I could have bought this bag last week when I saw it in a store but was holding out for PCE. If anyone happens to see the Madison Exotic Croc Carryall in Bone let me know. I guess I will have to track this down at a store somewhere <groan>
  2. That's so disappointing, but I bet you'll be able to find one at a store, GL!
  3. I bet they are still in stores... Just call your store and they will track it down and have it shipped to the store!
  4. So sorry to hear that. I had to get mine 2 weeks ago when I called JAX and was told there were less that 50 available. I really wanted to wait for PCE but I was afraid they would be gone. My store in Indianapolis had the pink but I'll ask if they have one in bone hiding in the back.
  5. Looks like the Peony Croc Maggies are sold out and the Carryalls in both Bone and Peony. Glad I got my Peony Croc Maggie during the last PCE. I hate that feeling that I missed out when I had it in my hands!
  6. Wow, I just ordered one on Sunday and there was 12 left in Jax, plus some at stores!
  7. They are sold out on Coach.com, maybe there are a few left in Jax
  8. I have called Jax and got a list of what stores might have the bag that I could not live without and then started calling them. I got the bag but had to wait a week and then all day looong for the fedex guy.

    good luck
  9. Bummer. Sorry.