Dane Cook? Anyone seen him in person?

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  1. Can I just say I am in :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: with Dane Cook!!! Wondering if anyone has seen him in person? I would love to hear how the show went. Every time I hear him, watch DVD's, I friggin' LMAO EVERY SINGLE TIME!! I can't wait til Tourgasm hits HBO!
  2. So I take it no one's seen him? :wondering
  3. Is he a comic? I've never heard of him :shame:
  4. I went to his show once!!!! He is AMAZING!!!!!!! So funny! And cute, too!
  5. he's very funny in his stand up audio... but he SUCKED ASS on snl
  6. I haven't seen him live, but he's also my Comedic crush! he's a HOOT and he's adorable! He was hilarious on SNL!
  7. I've only seen videos, but i love him!!! and the picklessss.... and the milk-a-shake!
  8. Yep, one of the funniest around! He is sooo HOT IMO!
  9. Yea, didn't really like him either on SNL. I like him better doing stand-up.

  10. OMG likeafeather77, PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IT'S LIKE!!! I'm dying to go! There's a Tourgasm date in Vegas on Apr 8 and I would so love to go but my hubby and I have a friend's wedding to go to. When/where did you go to see him?
  11. Ok sorry for the multiple posts but if any of y'all are interested, go to

    www.danecook.com , to go videos and check out some of his stuff. He's hilarious w/ a capital H!

    Ok, I'll stop now.
  12. Dane Cook has his moments, but I find that he occasionally stretches a joke on a bit too long and becomes obnoxious...He has had some good jokes though:smile: .

    Have you ever heard/seen Mitch Hedberg? He's my favorite commedian of all time:love: . Not everyone really "gets" him though.
  13. I saw Dane Cook at Caroline's a small but really well-known comedy club in NYC. He was amazing! Honestly, if you have the chance to see him definitely take it. His stand-up is great and you can't fully appreciate it until you see it live because so much is dependent on the physical aspect. Not only is he a great comedian but he's also the NICEST, most down to earth guy, he took the time to meet and take pictures with everyone! I also saw him at a taping of the Carson Daly show and he was great then too! I attached the picture of him, my boyfriend and I from Caroline's. I'm in :love: with him!

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  14. Meegs223, I am sooo jealous right now I could come thru the computer and kiss him in that pic (digging the sweaty pits ha!)!! So jealous!!!!! The prices for the Vegas show are really reasonable too, ranging from $50-$150. Not too shabby considering it's Vegas.

    northernbelle - Never heard of him? What kind of comedy does he do or his "niche?"
  15. Yes. I've seen him live and he's HILARIOUS.

    There was someone who translated everything into sign language, for people who may possibly be hard of hearing, and he kept making the poor guy sign the most horrible things.

    I ADORE Dane Cook.

    "Bees, f*** Bees!"

    PS. northernbelle, Mitch Hedberg is amazing. "I used to do drugs, I still do drugs, but I used to, too." :-P