Dandelion by Nicole Richie

  1. Wow! First Nicole's book is better and now her song (and her voice is better!)
  2. She's definitely a better singer than Paris Hilton! I liked the song...although it was a bit repetitive!
  3. I like her voice. I would say her and Paris are at the same level of singing though.
  4. actually I thought she was a little better than paris
  5. I thought her album was supposed to be released in 2006...I wonder what happened
  6. cute song, suprising that her voice is tolerable.
  7. Cute :yes:
  8. I heard this song a long time ago... what's taking her so long to come out with a CD?
  9. ^ ya me too.. i heard it SOO long ago and wondered why there was no hype about it..
  10. I heard it a while back too, in fact I think there was even a thread on it. I love the song, I even have it on my i-pod! lol
  11. I love this song!

    I think she's way better than Paris :p
  12. LFO (the 90's boyband who released the song that made everyone buy Abercrombie!) originally released this song on their second album quite some years ago. Don't ask how i know that. lmao.
  13. cute. i guess the vocals run in the family?