Dancing With the Stars

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  1. Erin Andrews to Replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as Dancing With the Stars Host

    [​IMG]Us Weekly – 2 hours 4 minutes ago

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    • [​IMG]View Photo Erin Andrews to Replace Brooke Burke-Charvet as Dancing With the Stars Host

    [​IMG]Casting switch-up! A day after Brooke Burke-Charvet was fired from ABC's Dancing With the Stars, the network has found an appropriate replacement

    I don't care so much that they fired Brooke. But Erin Andrews? sports reporter best known as the woman who was peeped at thru a hole in a hotel wall?
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    Poor Brooke! And they fired the musical director and his live band too?! :shocked: What's going on? Seems like they really want to shake things up so I wouldn't be surprised if some long time pros like Cheryl don't get asked back.
  3. Brooke was awful! They shouldn't have let her stay as long as they did.

    Maybe they'll have more pre-recorded music?
  4. I don't think Brooke was the cause of declining ratings, but the producers must be under pressure to make big changes. Maybe get some better known *stars*???
  5. I dont think she was the decline in ratings but I hated her interview style. She comes acros a vapid.
  6. I thought the ratings went up when they changed to the one day a week format?
  7. I thought so too but I also agree they need to work on getting better 'celebs', but it can't be easy to get people to sign up for this, the really successful celebs are probably too busy too fool with it.

    I think Erin will do a great job, she doesn't have to have someone with a mic in her ear telling her what to ask the celebs/pros and she's good at conversation on the fly. As a former contestant she has a good insight to what everyone is going through and the professional experience behind her to carry on a conversation without the awkward silences Brooke was prone to have.
  8. One week from the cast announcement! Can't wait!
  9. I didn't realize it was that close, yay!
  10. I heard on the radio this am that Nene Leaks and Candace Cameron Bure are two of the reported dancers this season.
  11. Maks, Val, Tony, Tristan, Henry , Mark

    Whitney, Karina, Peta, Cheryl, Emma , Sharna

    No Derek and Maks is back, woot! Stuck with Mark though.

    Celebs announced next week..
  12. I don't know the first, not thrilled with the second, lol. When I see her name I just think of her quote about being submissive to her husband. :yucky:
  13. Derek is not coming back? Last I heard he was still negotiating his contract.

  14. I don't know? I'm just going by what DWTS Gossip has posted and they're usually right on with the information.
  15. I couldn't stand Brooke- something about her just annoyed me. I never found her interesting or funny.

    I used to love watching DWTS, but I feel like as it gained in popularity, it kind of deviated from the original intentions of the show. They would cast celebs that had previous dance experience (Zendaya comes to mind), so what's exciting about seeing someone succeed when they already have had professional training in the past?