Dancing With The Stars - Fourth Season!!!

  1. I just heard on tonight's news that Heather Mills will be one of the contestants on the up-coming season. I can't recall who else is scheduled, but I think they said Billy Ray Cyrus and Muhammad Ali's daughter plus a former Miss USA (?)
  2. :roflmfao: Are they joking? She only has one leg! Tivo will be set for this one.
  3. Blah..I can't stand Heather Mills....I hope she gets knocked over...i mean off right away.

    Others I believe are:
    Joey Patone-Nsync guy
    Clyde Drexler-basketball star
    Leeza Gibbons-talk show host
    Shanda Finneseyt (?) Former Miss USA
    Ian Ziering -BH 90210 star
    Vincent Pastore-Sopranos
    Laila Ali-
    Heather Mills
    Apolo Ohno-speed skater
  4. ^
    thanks shmoo88 for the list of contestants! I wasn't able to hear all the "stars" names earlier. This is going to be quite a season!
  5. did the season start yet? if no, when does it start??? this will be so fun to watch. i am betting on joey from nsync to win.
  6. Heather Mills? :wtf: Are you freaking kidding me? :push: How on earth is she going to dance with one leg? I would die if she accidentally whips her leg off dancing! Yes, die, die of laughter. I know it's mean, but I can't stand her after what she did to Paul McCartney.
  7. I'll be glued because Apolo Anton Ohno will be on. I am so in love with him! People and the Dancing website had a list. Off the top of my head Clyde Drexler, I an Ziering...
  8. It starts mid-March. Sorry, I don't know the exact date.
  9. It's not mean, it's funny as hell. Did they run out of two legged people already?
  10. It starts tonight at 8 on ABC!

    (I'm interested to see Apolo dance!)
  11. I can't wait to see it!
  12. Cheryl and Ian look good, but . . . I'm sorry, the music kind of bothers me. They can't use the original song, or something?
  13. I'll say this right now: I'm cheering for Laila, Apolo, Ian and Joey.
  14. Laila looks really pretty. Being a boxer, I bet she can move very well.
  15. Joey was awesome, I really miss those days of being N'SYNC obsessed..lol He's got such a fun personality too :smile: