Dancing With The Stars- All Star starting Sept. 24

  1. The cast has officially been announced and the following will be back for a second chance

    Joey Fatone, Gilles Marini, Bristol Palin, Pamela Anderson, Kelly Monaco, Shawn Johnson, Kirstie Alley, Helio Castroneves, Drew Lachey, Emmitt Smith, Melissa Rycroft, and Apolo Ohno.

    ABC will let viewers vote for the 13th contestant, either Sabrina Bryan, Carson Kressley or Kyle Massey, and the winner will be announced on Aug. 27 on Good Morning America.
  2. Aside from Bristol Palin I'm excited! lol
  3. How could they classify the second worst dancer ever on DWTS as an "All-Star"? I guess Kate Gosselin wasn't available...... :greengrin::giggles:
  4. I am shocked that Bristol is back and wonder how many others said "No" that they got down to her name on the list.
  5. :lol:
  6. This is a good list, though my all-time favorite was Kristi Yamaguchi. Bristol Palin brought in ratings and controversy so it makes sense that they brought her back. I thought was a horrendous dancer but oh well. Also, I thought Kelly Monaco was just an okay dancer by the end. But I like everyone else on this list. Shaun Johnson has no cartilage in her knee but I'll root for her. I hope she gets Mark. My other faves were Emmett Smith, Gilles Marini and Apolo.
  7. Wow this should be good. Bristol shouldn't ' be back. Hopefully she will go first.
  8. hopefully....but last time they kept her on and on

  9. as much as people do not like the kardashians and i am a part of that group i miss rob kardashian he was so good i loved his dancing
  10. ^I would rather see Rob Kardashian than Bristol Palin, for sure! Why on earth did they pick her? I can think of so many others. I'm not sure previous winners should've been brought back--I'd like to see the best ones who didn't win. Like Giles.

    I like the show but it's sad that I don't even care enough to vote for the last spot, tho I love Carson Kressley.
  11. Can't wait! :couch::popcorn: Even though I like Shawn, I think Gilles should have won! I'm rooting for him! But there are so many great dancers in All Stars (except Bristol), it's hard to predict who's going to win!

  12. Can't believe she was asked back!

    I wonder who they will let Maks partner with? Someone good this time, for a change, since they are all good this time, except Bristol... Tony deserves a good partner too!
  13. I believe the network/producers think Bristol is good for ratings - either because she's controversial or because they think her mother's followers will want to watch her

  14. I just hope Gilles doesn't get paired with Cheryl again. Super excited for Apollo, Drew, Gilles and Shawn.
  15. I'll be watching for Drew. Too bad no Mel B!