Dancing With the Stars 5

  1. (Just so you know, I have class Monday nights, but I can definitely contribute to this thread on Tuesdays).

    Watching the recaps of the ladies dancing, I'm loving Sabrina, Jennie and Melanie.
  2. I love Sabrina and Jennie too. I didn't get to see the whole show though, so I'm not sure if there are any more woman dancers that I like. Oh crap it's on right now isn't it, lol I totally forgot. I better go and watch the rest.
  3. I don't usually watch this, but I'm watching it this season for Jennie. :tender:
  4. Sabrina killed it last night. :yes:
  5. Having lots of fun watching this show!! Who do you think was the best male dancer this evening?
  6. Yeahh kelly taylor..err I mean Jennie garth ;o)
    As a mavs fan, I can't believe Mark Cuban, oh my.
  7. anyone else tiring or bored with this yet?
    i see wayne newton leaving soon !! lol
  8. NO way!
    I love this show and OMG! How old is Jayne Seymour? She looked awesome!
  9. I almost didn't watch it tonight because I am getting weary of it. I love the dancing, but with so many commercials I loose interest. Plus, I don't care for the interviews Drew LeShay (and Samantha Harris in previous seasons) conducts.

    At the last minute I tuned in to see the guys dance and what a show! They were fun. I thought the male model -- can't think of his name-- was wild! Wayne Newton didn't do a thing for me.:s
  10. Yes, Jane Seymour total classy 56 year old women.
  11. My favorite Helio (sp?) the race car driver.
    Mr. Newton please take the first cab back to Vegas. I applaud you for the effort though.
  12. :wtf::wtf: Wayne Newton scares me!
  13. The women were all pretty good, I thought. I haven't watched tonight's show of the men yet, but Wayne Newton scares me anyway!
  14. She is beautiful, isn't she?:girlsigh:
  15. I've only seen Sabrina's performance.. but she was fantastic!