::dances around::

  1. ok, so i printed out the macy's f&f coupon for my step mom last night. [p.s. - it ends today!]
    so here was the conversation this morning:

    her: so uhm...do you have work tonight?
    me: yeah.
    her: oh. what time?
    me: uhm. 4-10, why?
    her: oh, just wondering. if you were going to be here when i got home. thats all.

    bahahahaha. do you know what that means?
    my holiday patchwork gallery tote will be in the house when i get home from work. :yahoo:
    now....i just have to sniff it out. make sure its flawless. :p


    [did i miss any happy faces? lol.]
  2. Congratulations!! I saw that one at Macy's! It's really pretty!
  3. Congratulations! Wow, you really know how to read in between the lines.:lol: Can't wait to see pics when you get her!:yahoo:
  4. YAY Congrats!! I'm gonna go use my F&F tonight...:graucho:
  5. o0o0o0o, sneaky sneaky, hehe...don't worry I wont tell.
  6. i don't get to open her until christmas. :crybaby:
    and this is an important one!

    i just moved from a small town to, well, baltimore.
    and i have discovered the joys of coach.
    thanks tpf ladies for being such great enablers! :shame:
  7. congrats....i love to make sure my mom or dad is at work or i just have it sent to the store....