Dance Moms

  1. Abby's timing sucks. She really could not have waited until they were back at the studio to have Maddie show her Drop Dead Diva routine?
  2. I think she does those things because there's no talking rationally to Abby.

    I think both Cathy and Abby are nuts.

    The moms I can kind of understand. When you're dealing with such an impossible, stubborn person you can either act out or do something sneaky.
  3. I don't remember anything sneaky that Chloe has done. Do you think Abby is referring to the field trip she went on, and didn't mention it the day before?

    No way am I Team Abby, but I kind of believe she didn't do it to rub it in their faces.
  4. when does the episode air the drop dead diva one ? did it air yet ?
  5. I think Abby clarified in the next breath that she said "snake" not "sneak." But that's neither here nor there because either comment is inappropriate.
  6. I actually feel like snake is a lot worse than sneak.
  7. I know she didn't mean to do that, but it certainly comes across that way.
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    Lifetime is coming to Canadian TV tomorrow! Yay!

    That means I can (hopefully) watch new episodes of this on TV instead of online.

    They've got ads in the subway stations.

    On my ride to dance class tonight, the subway had a Dance Moms poster.

    I was looking at it, thinking "Chloe's missing."
  9. Anyone else get teary eyed when Nia won her most improved scholarship? I'm such a sap...

    Her mom was so proud, and Nia was beaming. One of my fave moments on the show.
  10. I didn't cry but I "Yay"ed and clapped.
  11. Yes, totally teary eyed here!! I'm so happy for her!
  12. I think I figured something out about Vivi (and this may not be new information, but it just occurred to me): Vivi can't dance worth a damn.

    But when most people can't do something and they care about it, they keep practicing until they get better at it. She just doesn't care. She doesn't want to dance. But she's not exactly at the right age where she can say, "Mom, eff this noise! I want to play softball!" so she stays onstage like a human prop.

    Her mom's happy because she's onstage. Vivi's happy because she was probably promised a present to be on that stage.

    I'm not saying this is a good set-up. I'm just saying it's their set-up.
  13. Refresh my memory - is Vivi the daughter of the woman who owns Candy Apples?
  14. ^^ Yes
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    I remember talking to my aunt about this show and, despite all the yelling and the obvious favoritism of Maddie, if I had a child and they wanted to take dance classes, I'd rather they take them from Abby Lee than from Cathy.

    With Abby, it's straightforward: you go in there, you compete, you win.

    With Cathy, she seems to advocate cheating. She brings in ringers, she lies about her dancer's age, she steals music, she uses her daughter as a human prop, she poaches dancers . . . . Plus, there's always that existing vendetta against Abby.