Dance/Exercise DVDs - Can you recommend one?

  1. Anyone recommend a good "dancercise" DVD?

  2. I hear that Yoga Dance Booty Ballet (is that the right title?) is awesome! It is made by the same company that makes "Slim in 6" which is what I really like.
  3. I just ordered Turbo Jam Maximum Results. Will let you know how that works out.
  4. I like the Carmen Electra Striptease DVDs, they're really good if you're just starting out since they're not too high impact, and you can.. erm, transfer your moves into another room of the hourse, if you know what I mean ! ;)
  5. I also heard that the Carmen Electra Striptease video is a good one!
  6. the second one is better than the first ^.. cuz the fiurst is a lil dance routine where as the second is like a toning exercise which is really godo and u break into a light sweat
  7. I tried the Carmen Electra's DVDs. To be honest, I didn't like them. I thought Jeff Costa's striptease DVDs were a lot better.
  8. Yoga Booty Ballet from is awesome. I like the live DVD's the best-they have the best energy.
  9. I use these and they seem to really be helping! and they are fun, I have all 5 DVD's, the best one is #2
  10. :lol: Yes, this one is so multi-functional!!
  11. I just got Pilates for weight loss..has anyone used this dvd & did it work? I'm just asking b/c I heard pilates & yoga are supposed to be really good for weight loss & toning up
  12. Definitely my fav!

  13. oh yes. this is a great excercise video:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:
  14. I used a Pilates video and it was AWESOME. I saw toning results immediately. It isnt high energy though (which is perfect for me). I had the 15 mins abs video and used it twice a day. They recommend 3 times a week but I wanted fast results.
  15. Which video was it? I'm looking around for a pilates DVD and I need some recommendations!