Dance Dance Revolution

  1. Hi guys, have you tried this?
    Most of you have probably heard of it, but those who haven't- it's a game where you're on a mat with the arrows: up, down, left and right and you try to follow the arrows that appear on the game screen
    sounds simple enough? maybe the slow songs! :nuts:
    each game (there is different versions of DDR) has a good 100+ songs, each with its own tempo. every song has a danceable groove, i mean, try dancing to hardcore metal or sumthing! :jammin: most of them are techno-ish though. as well, each song has different lvls- easy, medium, and hard mode. there's even a workout mode!
    i haven't played DDR in two years and I had an embarassing "first try!" but i got the hang of it on the 2nd day and i feel confident enough to go into medium mode soon :yes: it's not as easy as it sounds
    a GREAT workout, and very fun. I found myself tiring very quickly because i had to jump on the arrows so much. songs are great too!

    it's a game for consoles such as PS2 and Xbox (thank goodness for guyfriends and brothers who have them :p)
    you can also find this at arcades and other public place

    check it out and share your DDR experiences if you have them! :smile:
  2. Yes, I got it for my kids for Christmas and we love it!! We got two pads so we can "challenge" each other. It is so much fun I don't know who likes it more me or the kids!!

    I posted a thread in the General discusson on DDR. I'll see if I can find it.

    As for music we really like the 80's music - I can check our disks.