Dance Dance Revolution...Wii or PS2?

  1. So my dad bought a Wii at first and my mom and I had planned on getting the DDR game for the Wii, but then my dad got a broken PS2 from his coworker and managed to fix it. The next day, he went out and bought DDR for the PS2. I was just wondering if any of you could offer opinions as to whether we should exchange it for the DDR for Wii because it's a newer system or if there's no difference between the 2.

    I personally actually like the PS2 one better because it doesn't involve hand motions. But apparently the Wii has better music...

    Thoughts? TIA! :yes:
  2. anyone?
  3. whaaat? wii has ddr? I am so out of the loop!
    I can't be of much help because I only have the ps2 but its FUN!!!!!
  4. Yup, it was just released 2 weeks ago! And only $10 more than DDR for PS2.

    So that's why I'm stuck. I researched all afternoon but I think I'm gonna go with the PS2...not crazy about the hand motions for Wii and I like the songs better on the PS2 disc.
  5. We have DDR pads for PS2. Will they work for WII? They are the professional kind - wood and plastic facing.

    My kids love DDR - me too!
  6. I love DDR!!!

    I did it on the X BOX for years, but then we sold our X BOX.

    Then just last night, in fact, I did the DDR on the Wii....and loved it! I prefer the hand motions, only because it adds a twist to the game...but if you are doing it for a workout, then I would go with the PS2. If it is anything like the X BOX game, I got a much better workout on that then I did on the Wii last night. BUT, that Wii was great, and the music is better!
  7. I ordered DDR for the Wii last week from Amazon. It still hasn't arrived yet. I'm awaiting it with bated breath! From what I understand (as I've never played either version), you use the Wii remotes in each hand AND the dance pad in conjunction with each other, something you don't do on the PS version, and it adds a different element to the game. I basically bought it because I thought it might be a fun way to exercise.
  8. Thanks so much, this helped me out a LOT.

    The only reason my mom and I wanted it was for a fun way to work out...I personally don't like the added hand motions...I'd get too distracted! LOL
  9. And DDR is great for changing up your workout! Good for you!!