Dance Dance Revolution...Anyone?

  1. I thought about possibly doing this as a way of getting some exercise and having fun.

    I have XBox 360 and Playstation 3. I'd prefer to use it on PS3 because my DH is currently living on the XBox 360 play Call of Duty 4.

    Does anyone use it? Which system do you use? Which game version? Which mat?

    Does anyone have PS3 and play it on there?
  2. My cousin and her roommate used it all the time and they actually did lose weight by frequently using it. I tried it and it is a lot of fun! Especially if you do it with someone else as a competition, it's pretty addicting. They had an older version, not on the most current PS, but it was still tons of fun and I would recommend it as a way of getting exercise. Sorry I don't know about the versions!
    i WAS sweating doing it.....its a great work out.....!(BUT u look like an AS* until u get the footing down working on that..hehe)
  4. PS-we got a karoake one tonight too...ugh....Im also tone deaf...rofl
  5. ^^ I have DDR and singstar! Personally I think I rock at DDR :shame: but my singing will damage your ears
  6. I was thinking of getting DDR as a workout also. I would like to hear some more keep them coming!
  7. Thanks everyone!!!!

    Jill: Which system did you buy it for?
  8. I have Dance Dance Revolution for PS2. I would be playing it right now except that I broke the dance pads when we moved. I love this game - it is a great workout and there are many different skill levels. My DH and I would play together all the time.

    Now this is making me want to run out and get some dance pads...
  9. No, I have it for the Wii...and it's lots and lots of fun.
  10. I absolutely love some of the music from DDR (NAOKI ^_^) but I haven't really tried it.
  11. We have DDR at home for the PS2. Great's addicting I warn you. :biggrin:
  12. I have it for PS2, it's fun and addicting, but for some reason we only used it for about a week and then forgot all about it... same thing with Guitar Hero. But it is fun.
  13. Twiggers, We have DDR for our PS2 and my boys love it! I actually got 2 pads so they can "duel" each other. I had a party year last year and all the mom's ended up in the basement using it! It is so much fun and addictive.

    Right now we are finishing our basement so we had to move the PS2 and dance pads (I got wood and plastic one's froma friend who is in the fitness biz) so we aren't using them. But we all miss them so much. Every night I would duel with the kids.

    And yes, you do get a good sweaty workout and there are some great 80's songs DDR CDs too!

    I would KILL to see Jill on the DDR! I take it you weren't a cheerleader or pompon girl darlin'!

    Come on! You, me and Jill, a pitcher of martyni's and DDR! Too funny!!
  14. ha! Jillybean and I r having fondue and martini night at my house tomorrow nt... Followed by drunk DDR on the WII... Could b ugly... Roflmao!!!!! And Maxter... I used to be coordinated.... Lmao.... Used to even teach aerobics!!!... Somehow I got old and uncoordinated way too fast!!! Hehe
  15. Same here. I got sick of DDR after a week. It is fun though. And it definitely gives you a workout if you play long enough. I wouldn't get this just for the purposes of weight loss though.