Dance contest - a favor to ask

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  1. Hi, I am passing on this favor request on behalf of a friend.

    A woman named Leslie from my hometown is up for a part in a musical. She is one of 3 runners-up, and the winner is to be decided by internet voters. You can only vote once.

    Please go to Hairspray's Big Bopper Dance Topper!
    and vote for Leslie! She has come from behind to gain the lead, but Denise is gaining on her again!


  2. I voted...
  3. I did too!
  4. Ty!
  5. Surely.. good luck to your friend!
  6. I voted too!!!!! Wish her luck for me!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I notice she has slipped a few points, but is still in the lead. I wish I could vote more than once, but you aren't allowed to. :sad: That's why I'm recruiting voters.

    I'm not sure when the voting ends, but they are supposed to announce the winner on Dec. 20.

    Go, Leslie!
  8. Voted! Good luck for your friend!
  9. I voted for Leslie. Go Leslie!
  10. voted!! :smile:
  11. Voted. Wish your friend the best of luck.
  12. I voted for Leslie too.... out of all the videos, hers is actually the best.. she has lots of control and good rhythm... the other girl was too bouncy and the guy looked like he was on crack.
  13. Good Luck!