Damn you, Tekla! How dare you be stunning!

  1. I ordered this on impulse on Monday morning from neimanmarcus.com. During lunch, I went to NM and saw it in person. It felt too soft, and I was worried about the handles tearing. I convinced myself that it was not for me, and I am going to return it as soon as it arrived. It arrived, and it's GORGEOUS. It's different from the one in the store, not as soft, and the handles feel really sturdy. I may just be over-justifying...but it's staying (my first Chloe :wlae:).

    IM000763.jpg IM000765.jpg IM000766.jpg IM000769.jpg
  2. Congratulations, it's beautiful. I have this bag in burgandy/red and I absolutely love it. I wasn't sure at first, and I almost took mine back, but then I carried it, and it stayed, I think it's becoming one of my favorite Chloe's.
  3. Thanks! So much for my lame attempt to save $$
  4. Great bag - I've never seen this one in person. Enjoy!
  5. That looks like one nice bag... congrats!! Must go check them out in person...
  6. Congratulations! It looks gorgeous. I can't wait to get mine.

    How many outside pockets are there? It looks like a ton!
  7. 4 zippered pockets (although the two on the side aren't very useful), 2 open pockets, and one magnetic closure one.
  8. I just noticed something, the zipper on top and inside the bag are bronze, but the rest are all silver. Is that normal?


    Tekla 001.jpg Tekla 002.jpg
  9. Titania - Congrats! :yahoo: I am so glad to hear that you :heart:love:heart: your Tekla! And your bronze zipper was supposed to be on MY Chloe choco front pocket Paddy (to match the other bronze hardware on the bag) and my Paddy has your Tekla's silver zipper which would match your bag's other silver hardware! :roflmfao:

    Why does Chloe do this???
  10. LOVE IT!

    Glad you decide to keep it!
  11. Great choice - very practical too!
  12. Regarding the hardware differences on the Tekla,yes this is normal for this bag.It's a very pretty bag and quite practical at the same time.The leather is soft as butter,enjoy your purchase.