Damn you and your Matinee, Rebecca Minkoff!

  1. You have broken my ban, and have made me fall in love.
    My heart wrenches when I look at my Matinee bag in wine.
    How can a bag be so utterly gorgeous?
    Where did you manage to find this super soft, delectably thick leather?
    Leather like this doesn't exist.
    Fess up! Where did you get it? Mars? Another galaxy?
    Also, this color is ridiculously beautiful.
    How did you manage to come up with a deep, sultry, Bordeaux red wine that makes me want to crumple up the bag, pour it in a glass, and get tipsy?


    Okay, I will be serious now. I am dazzled by this bag. Madly in love, I am strutting around in my dorm living room in my PJ's, taking the bag with me to the kitchen, back to the living room, and then next to me by the computer.

    Rebecca Minkoff, I love you, and your bags!
  2. Here are some more pics! I didnt know that there two pockets on the front and back, so in total this bag comes with 6 exterior pockets and more on the inside. It totally fits/wears like a shoulder bag too!
  3. Glad you're lovin' it!!! Nothing beats that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling :tup:
  4. simply gorgeous!

    When I first read ur title, I was like "uh oh... poor Rebecca Minkoff..." as she comes on tPF...but then I read ur ODE to her and her wine matinee!

    You are so in love that ur original post readsl like a poem!

    Wish I knew how gorgeous WINE was IRL...as lunaboston's pics do not show it in its proper shade IMO! GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS and the leather seems divine...

    still waiting for my first RM~! I ordered the blue/grey Matinee....

    Congrats! I LOVE all ur "Indy-esque" bags/ur collection~ if we ever have a RM or HH subforum, you should definitely be a MOD!
  5. It actually has 8 exterior pockets!!! Two on each side (one open/one zipped) - and two on each end (one open/one zipped) for a total of 8 outside pockets!
  6. GUNG you are so funny!!! That is what true love in a bag is exactly like. Congratulations and enjoy, she is lucky to have found an owner who loves and adores her so!
  7. congrats!! I'm getting a RM morning after for my sister and now I'm thinking I need a matinee (in wine perhaps?) for me. I'm trying to be good and stick to the ban, but the sales are killer and the leather is too!!
  8. It's stunning GUNG! What a collection you have now.
  9. Thanks everyone!

    Seriously this bag is like a submarine and as a result, I have named her Bertha (cuz she's a big ol' sexy b*tch!) and I love her sooooo much. She will sleep on my nightstand next to my bed and be there for me to look at first thing in the morning when I wake up!
  10. I think I will need modeling shots to better appreciate her loveliness :tup:
  11. You're hilarious!
  12. You are so funny GUNG! It looks TDF!! Congrats : )
  13. GUNG that color is just fantastic
  14. You are really funny!!!!! I love love love her bags too!!
  15. WOW! that color is so gorgeous! how's the leather? is it stiff?