Damn TPF!

  1. Okay, I started collecting Ltd ed. LV Pochettes, so I popped into the LV forum, and now, to my DH's dismay, the two pochettes have turned into a varying selection of bags and accessories.

    SO, I was surfing around tpf and decided to drop into Balenciaga. MISTAKE!!! I hate you all with your photos of gorgeous, colorful, leather (mmm...leather) bags! :drool:

    Now I'm thinking, hmmm... maybe just one Balenciaga bag, and I'll be happy. Just one, just a taste.

    Yeah, we ALL know how that goes.

    My questions is this: where do you ladies get your bags? I am familiar now with trusted LV sellers on eBay and how much I should be paying for a particular style of bag for LV, but I am at a loss with Balenciaga. Also, though one can purchase authentic LV for significantly less on eBay, the same can't be said about Balenciaga. Does Balenciaga ever go on sale? Is there an online source, such as eLuxury, where one can purchase the bags?

    Funny, my BDay is coming up next week and I gave my husband a list of LV bags that I wanted, to which he replied, "is there one LV bag that, if I buy it for you, will end your ridiculous LV obsession?" Of course, I gave him the two that would end my LV obsession.

    Now tell me about your reliable sources for Balenciaga, ladies!:angel:
  2. Hi there!

    I have bought from Barneys and the Balenciaga store in NY. Both have been phone orders and I've been quite happy with the bags selected. Aloha Rag online also sells b-bags. You can email them and they will send you a list of the bags available.

    If you go to the Achtung section, the fabulous ladies there posts auctions of authentic b-bags. I have bought a few older b-bags on ebay from tPF members with great success. Good Luck!
  3. Hi Snorks,
    If you are in San Francisco I believe Neiman Marcus and Susan's carry Balenciaga.
    One bbag is never enough!
  4. I have a love/hate relationship with Neiman's--I go in for something from Kiehl's and come out with a sack-full of other things that I don't really need.

    Where is Susan's?
  5. I think it's at 3685 Sacramento Street, SF. (415-922-3685). Maybe you should call them first and confirm that they carry Balenciagas before you make the trip. Good luck!
  6. Balenciaga very rarely goes on sale - especially here in the states. I've heard about some good sales in the UK, though. Usually its whatever is left over at the end of the season though most of the time they won't put it on sale and just hold onto it knowing it will eventually sell for full price. You can get Balenciagas for about 20% lower than retail, its extremely rare to find a better deal than that.

    There are no online stores that sell authentic Balenciaga. None. You have to order by phone.