Damn PHH!!!!

  1. OK Ladies. I bought my first Chanel today - Medium Black Flap, Caviar leather with Silver hardware. Anyhoo, we came home and I put the shopping bag on the mantel so I could make gooey eyes at it. I had to run out for milk and when I got home PHH had hidden my bag so I couldn't sneak peeks at it (it's my b'day in a week and it's my pressie). I've looked everywhere! I really wanted to post pics, but can't find the dang thing. Crap. :cursing:

    Off topic, when I was in the store in Amsterdam, the SA's were taking all the fur bags down and putting them away because there was a Anti-Fur Demonstration on today.

    Anyway, once I've sniffed out the bag I'll sneak some pics!
  2. Oh, no! I can't believe your PHH is making you wait until your birthday to even look at your new baby! I hope you're able to find it soon.
  3. LOL...I bet he is so proud of himself too...did you check his car? That's where my DH hides stuff, 'cuz he knows I am terrible at waiting.
  4. Oh no :wtf: My bf got me a Mulberry Araline for my birthday and even though he tried to make me wait a couple of weeks there was no way I would have, I started using it the day it arrived.

    Hope you manage to find it!
  5. Woohoo! Happy birthday!
  6. :yahoo: Happy birthday but what a sneaky husband :lol:
  7. LOL, my PHH does the same thing too! ITA - check the car... mine often hides stuff in the trunk, or he'll hide stuff in empty boxes in the storage closet.
  8. Happy bday in advance Cal.

    OT, but what does PHH stand for? I guess H=Husband, but can't figure out PH. :shame:
  9. I feel your pain, Cal! Sometimes I think men enjoy torturing their wives--especially when it involves separating us from new bags!

    My Christmas gift is here in the house, (a new bag, of course!) and I'm not allowed near it--it's driving me crazy!!!!:hysteric: I just want to take it out and admire it a few times a day--is that so much to ask?

    Happy Birthday, in a week!!!
  10. Hey Cal, you cheating on H??
  11. oh very sneaky!!!!! hehe
  12. Happy Birthday, Cal! I hope we can see pics of your new beauty soon!!!
  13. PHH stands for Purse Hating Husband. Sure, they don't seem to hate them so much when they're asking you to carry their glasses, wallet, etc.

    Thanks for all your lovely words ladies, I promise to post pics as soon as I can find her hiding location.
  14. H= Hermes
  15. PHH is "purse hating husband', i think.
    cal, good luck finding that bag. dig around! we are all rooting for you to find it!