Damn it, when NM is gonna have a last call

  1. The one in Houston, while every stores & everywhere in on sale, still no sign of the Houston NM. I went there today (Monday) and everything is still only 25% off ! ! !

    I want to get a T-shirt, it's $95 after a discount already. I just don't feel like spening 100 bucks on a T-shirt ! ! !
  2. I went to the San Antonio NM today and the SA said their pre-sale doesn't start until July 25. Maybe the Houston store will be around the same time?
  3. Last call starts on July 13th. Presale is going on right now in the stores.
  4. Could u call them to find out??
  5. Sadly, the Houston last call isn't until the end of July. I asked my SA last week :sad:
  6. West Coast stores are always last to have Last Call in the summer. I think it's the opposite in the winter.
  7. I received a card in the mail yesterday - Last call is July 13 - 18. I am in CA.
  8. I put some shoes on hold for pre-sale last week. The SA will be ringing up my shoes on the day the sale starts, which is this Thursday.

    I wonder why Houston is waiting so long to have theirs...maybe they will be consolidating left over merch to that location.
  9. ^^Actually, you may be right about the consolidating part. The SA I talked to here at the San Antonio NM said they would more than likely get more bags by the start of the event. She said something about a "fair representation of each designer." I'm guessing that means some of the bags that don't sell at the other NM's get sent to the ones who have their event later like us.
  10. Hopefully, NM will have more bags to choose from then in Houston. They still had a fair amount out last week.
  11. I do believe when Last Call is over in the east, they send the mdse to the west coast stores for their Last Call. I always would find a great selection at the winter Last Call in NJ because they send the west coast store mdse at that time.
  12. is it additional 25% off? or more? Thanks
  13. ^^I'm hoping it will be more than that. Right now my NM has an additional 25% off and it's not Last Call yet. I'm hoping for 40 or 50% off. :graucho:

    Those of you in states where LC has already started (or pre-sales at least), what's the extra percentage off?
  14. one of the sa in Neimans, nj, got a black jimmy choo mahala for 650 as part of the final cut pre sale. it was the last one! they retail for over 1600!
  15. ^^Wow! Good deal!!