DAMN, I think I just got scammed.

  1. ... and I'm sick over it. I suspect that I bought something fake on eBay. If that's the case, and I just paid for it, can I... un-pay? I don't want negative feedback; I'm SO upset over this.
  2. If you know for certain you bought something fake, then contact the seller and tell them you believe its fake and do not want to pay for it.

    Good luck, keep us posted
  3. I paid as soon as I won, and THEN and only then did I think to look up the item on eBay, and found out that it was being carried to a suspicious extent.

    The seller accepts returns minus half the shipping fee (so I'm 1.5x out the shipping fee in total when you factor in returns). Still. *so unhappy with herself*

  4. If you paid through paypal go to their site and there may be a link to cancel payment. Try to void it . I think it's possible. or file an immediate dispute.:cursing: Sorry this happend to you. I just received a fake bag and am having difficulty getting a refund. Much better that you stop the process now.:boxing:
  5. if she hasn't shipped it, then there would be no need to keep the shipping $
  6. Email the seller immediately and see if they are willing to mutually agree not to go forward. That way there is no shipping cost to return. Then go from there
  7. what is the update on your situation?