Damn !! I Barely Recognize Courtney These Days !!

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  1. [​IMG]


    Rock & Roll's grossest one-time couple, Billy Corgan and Courtney Love, appeared to be getting cozy again at Hilary Swank's latest movie premiere.
  2. Gosh she looks increidble in the strapless gown! Too bad she doesn't look like that now!
  3. poster child for TOO much cosmetic surgery {and too many drugs}:sick:
  4. That's surprising. He's made no secret of the fact, in the past, that he hates her guts!
  5. looks better then i've seen her before, but she still seems as though she needs help.
  6. She is such a mess. I watched "the people V larry flynt" again last week and OMG is it scary how her life mirrors that of her character. She becomes a mess in the movie as she has become in real life. It's so sad..
  7. Well, at least she looks sober....
  8. Whoa what happened?!
  9. What happened to her???
  10. When she wants to look classy, lemme tell ya! She can look classy!