Damn ! He Has The Audacity' To Cheat ? ! Run Kate !

  1. Tearful Kate Moss jets to Paris following claims Doherty 'cheated with model'

    A distraught Kate Moss has fled to Paris with her daughter Lila Grace as her relationship with Pete Doherty hits an all-time low.
    The 33-year-old model is said to be "devastated" after it emerged her fiance cheated on her with a South African model called Lindy.

    One for the road: Pete leaving Crystal with two girls

    Kate was unable to contact Pete for days after a bust-up last week and on Thursday he picked up Lindy in Marylebone's Crystal club and headed back to a friend's house. Pete, 27, was seen kissing and cuddling the brunette. Kate fled the country on Saturday with her four-year-old daughter and her nanny was flying out to meet them in Paris today

    "Kate is a mess. She's trying to keep it together for Lila's sake, but she's been sobbing and wailing uncontrollably all weekend."

    Kate has asked aides to arrange a fashion show in the French capital so she can be photographed enjoying herself and seeming not to care.
    The source continued: "Kate has had enough, she has some serious decisions to make about the future of her relationship with Pete.
    "She is supposed to be marrying him, so she's furious at the accusations of his cheating. It really is make or break." The picture showing Pete in a cab with two mystery girls will only add insult to injury for Kate.


    A clubber in Crystal said: "He ended up talking to this girl in a revealing tight dress. They went on the street for a while then came back, where they had an intense chat for ages. There was lots of flirting, Kissing and laughing."
    A friend claimed: "Pete and Kate had a serious argument and he decided to go on a bender.

    "Kate was calling around to see if anyone knew where he was, but everyone rallied around him to keep her in the dark. "She is very jealous about other women. Hearing about him spending the night with another girl will eat her up."
    The claims will come as a further blow to Kate, after it emerged she is being dropped as the face of lingerie brand Agent Provacateur. The 33-year-old model is to be replaced by 18-year-old ingenue Daisy Lowe.

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  3. He is so gross!
  4. She should leave him. He is not someone I would want around my daughter(if I had one)!!!
  5. Creep. He looks half-dead anyway.
  6. he's SO repulsive:sick:
  7. He's such a skank. Maybe this will bring her to her senses and she will punt the loser.
  8. I don't see anything in him, but she obviously did- so I can imagine she is upset
  9. why does he always look so sweaty?
  10. That boy was trouble from the beginning! Please Kate...don't go back to him after everything settles back down!!!!!!
  11. he's creepy ..run kate, Run!
  12. Ordasity?
  13. i feel really bad for her...but in a way she's lucky..i hope she'll stay away from him now
  14. I hope she See's the light soon....and take care of her precious daughter.
  15. She should be thankful.