Damn damn damn damn damn!

  1. :cursing:

    Ive been eyeing that Chanel wristlet on Bluefly (yes the one from TDWP) for months.. even before seeing the movie.. but it looked so small on Bluefly so i didnt want to get it.. then i saw the movie and realised how big it was! Definitely a worthy purchase.. the green one was up last night and when i went back to it today its now gone.. DAMN IT! Should have bought it on the spot !! Oh how i hope they bring them back.. :crybaby: :crybaby: I neeeeed to own this bag!!

    Just wanted to vent..
  2. how do you really feel?

    I hate when that happens! Hope you find one soon!:yes
  3. I've seen them crop up from one day to the next on Bluefly, so just keeping checking.
  4. oh its so tortureous.. i havent been able to stop thinking about it and was so excited to log in today to purchase only to see it missing from the page :crybaby: i had my little :heart: set on it :sad:
    im gonna keep refreshing the Bluefly page now... :sneaky:
  5. hope you find one soon. i have atendency to take long sometimes to finally make a decision and sometimes by the time i reach my decision, the item is gone.
  6. How frustrating!! Will keep my eyes open for you.....
  7. thanx guys.. ur all so supportive.. theres nothing like the support of other purse addicted women to get you thru the tough times like these..

    now its just a waiting game.. me vs Bluefly...