Damn..conflicted love them but... WWYD?

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  1. Gee, I ordered the black Grease paints from Saks and was so excited to see a package today on my door step.:yahoo: However, they are the plain patent! At first I was, well pissed, but...I DO LOVE THEM!!! They can send me the grease paints in black, they have them so I can decide. They also have my size in the burgandy, which is kind of a wine color, I am so thinking I NEED THOSE TOO! And I must say, the comfort level between the 85's and 100's for me, is night and day. I had been wearing high heeled Manolos all day and expected these not to feel good but I love them!!!!:heart::yes:
    Do you think the better investment would be the greasepaints or the patents??? Should I try them? Or keep the patent?? Yikes, I am afraid if I get the grease paints I will not want to part with them either. Right now I don't want to part with the patents. I am going to track down the beige grease paints for sure, IMO they really show the sparkle a lot! I will post pics in a minute, I need help! darn, why do they All HAVE TO BE SO FREAKIN LUCIOUS??:confused1: :girlsigh:
  2. Pics Thanks girls!!
    IMG_0275.JPG IMG_0269.JPG IMG_0274.JPG
  3. Wow i think these look great on you... but you can always get them right? Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like black patent yoyos are standard CLs... SO if its between those and the greasepaint, I say go for the greasepaint!!! AS for your dilemma with the wine/burgundy yoyos, well thats just a whole other story because i just LOVE that color! maybe you need to get both???:graucho::graucho: I'm sorry I'm just no help!
  4. So I should get the grease paints over the plain patent? Oh, don't you worry, I am getting the wine/burgandy!
  5. They look so good on you. The best thing about the patent is they are a shoe that you can wear if you have to dress more conservatively as well as with jeans or slacks. The greasepaint have more oomph.

    See what you think when you get them. If you really want the burgandy and beige then I would stick with the black "regular" patents so you have some variety.
  6. Claudia, why don't you just make it easier for yourself and get all of them?:P My choice would be, if you keep the black patent, then get the beige greasepaint. If you get the black greasepaint, then also get the wine. Or just abandon black patent and black greasepaint and get the beige greasepaint and wine. Based on what I remember you having I would go with the beige greasepaint and the wine.
  7. I have black simples and Vp's with the red tip. I also have a pair of Manolo linen D'orsays. I wear a lot of black. I was thinking about the wine because I do not have any real colors, and I think that is such a classic tasteful color for me. Damn these shoes!!!
  8. Return the black patent. You can get black patent pretty much all year long.

    I LOVE the Beige GreasePaint. I think it has the most gorgeous gold tone to it - very subtle with sparkles. Most of the gold that CL has or any other shoe designer, I don't like, b/c it either looks cheap to me or too blingy.

    For the second shoes, get the wine yoyos. They are gorgeous color and very close to the Rolando Wine color (thanks to *LO for showing me hers). If the YoYos were only comfortable for me, I'd grab the Wine and Silver GreasePaint too!
  9. Return black patent.... Keep black greasepaint. :yes:
  10. I 2nd that!
  11. Ok, I return the patents for the black grease paint...should I get the burgandy..too???
  12. ^Absolutely!
  13. Yes! The burgundy is gorgeous!
  14. Claudia, I would definitely return the black patent for the black greasepaint. I love the patent, but the greasepaint just pops...plus it's still patent w/sparkle. And YES on the beige greasepaint. I also love the burgandy. Your toes look great...love the nailpolish. ;)
  15. Thanks! It's the same polish that Lynn got from her ROAK buddy. I pm'd her and got the color and went out and bought it!! I love it! I need to refresh it though! I will send back the patents but I hate to part with them!!