Damn ! Check Out Katherine Heigl's Shopping Spree + Her Cover On Lucky !!

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    'Gey's Anatomy' star Katherine Heigl was all smiles during a shopping spree Saturday along Los Angeles's Ventura Boulevard.

    The newly engaged Katherine (to rocker Josh Kelley) bought clothes to wear to the 'Dreamgirls' premiere, for TV appearances and for the holidays! She also picked up lots of gifts for her fiancé, Grey's costar Sandra Oh and for her family. After three hours of shopping, Katherine left with 15 bags from Rumor, a boutique on Ventura Blvd that is a favourite of celebrities and stylists.

    So, just what does a celebrity shopping look like? Well....perhaps something like this:

    Voom by Joy Han Elephant Heidi Dress $284.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Geisha Blouson Top in Jade $216.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Long sleeve Trench Coat Black $284.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Vicose Batwing Top Black $130.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Viscose Long Sleeve Dress Mocha $196.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Batwing Dress Navy $196.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Buttons N Braid Halter Dress Black $196.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Buttons N Braid quarter Sleeve Dress Black $196.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Knit Hooded top Navy $130.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Knit Halter Dress Silver $174.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Border Print Tube Navy $196.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Raglan Top Silver $174.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Butterfly Blouson Top Navy $216.00​

    Voom by Joy Han Burnout Polka dot Blouson Top Black $216.00​

    Tucker Paisley Suede Clutch in Pink​

    Tucker Paisley Large bag with leather handle​

    J & Company Grey Cord $160​

    J & Company Grey Jean $160​

    J & Company Beverly in Dark wash $160​

    J & Company Brown Cord $160​

    Diabless Button up top $265​

    Diabless Button up top w/ brown trim $287.00​

    Flux Nouveau Kimono Jacket $99.00​

    Alice and Trixie Gabby Blouse $256.00​

    Flux Nouveau Tunic Cami $32.00​

    Flux Nouveau Gathered Tunic $40.00​

    Flux Nouveau Turtleneck Top $45.00​

    Ella Moss Leggings in Brown $87.00​

    Dolce Vita Midnight patent pumps $123.00​

    Dolce Vita Rose Sheep Boots $278.00​

    Tracy Reese Belted long sweater $327.00​

    Vanessa Tosoni Smoky Quartz Necklace With Cross $209.00​

    Vanessa Tosoni Smoky Quartz Necklace with extension $132.00​

    Disney Couture I need a hug Thermal $40.00​

    Mason's underground thermal $52.00​

    191 Yolk Woven shirt $72.00​

    Red Monkey Dragon Buckle Belt $83.50​

    Caffeine Woven $60.00​

    Royalty 76 Royal Dragon Shirt $40.00​

    Caffeine Meko $67.00​

    Jack Black Shave in a bag $44.00​

    Jack Black Pure Clean Face Wash $18.00​

    Jack Black All over Wash $13.00​

    Jack Black Clear Complexion $25.00​

    Voluspa Floraison Rose Candle $28.00​

    Augustine Chelsea Coat $445.00​

    Augustine Grey Babydoll Dress $178.00​

    Augustine Grey Long Dress $200.00​

    Augustine Brown Babydoll Dress $178.00​
    GRAND TOTAL: $6920.00. Not bad for a few hours of work, I suppose....​
  2. She must've not had any clothes to begin with, that poor girl. ;)

    I do, however, question the sweater she's wearing.
  3. My kinda gal :biggrin:
  4. Wow, $6920? That's 3.3 Fendi Spys!! :heart: :love:
  5. wait wait wait... she's with sandra oh? sooo cute :P
    there's be getting so many hot lesbian couple nowadayas :smile:
  6. i never knew that they were a couple, but looks like she had some great purchases.

  7. No - Katherine just got engaged. Sandra is just a good friend.
  8. She bought a lot of stuff, but it doesn't seem to me that any individual piece had an extremely high price tag. I'm afraid if I had that much money I'd spend it on a couple of handbags and call it a day.
  9. She is awful cute.
  10. I really like her. She's very pretty but looks like a real person, if that makes sense. I hope she doesn't start doing that super skinny Hollywood starlet thing!
  11. I like her too. She seems like she's down to earth.
  12. i think she was just joking, because the article was badly worded and made it sound like she was engaged to sandra oh.
  13. Gotta love those shopping sprees:smile:

    I love her on Grey's:smile:
  14. wow!!i wish i had all that money to spend on a SINGLE spree....:P
  15. I love her!!!!!