Damn a love hate ralationship with Wine Rolandos

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  1. I LOVE these shoes but geez they hurt!!!!! I don't think I will be keeping them because they hurt like HELL!!!!!!!!! Plus my ankle feels like its going to fall off when I have them on :crybaby: However they do slip off the back a little but feel like my toes are gonna fall off in the back! If I go up a size I think it will be too big but who knows!!!





    P.S. I usually wear a 38-38.5 in most CL's I got these in a 39
  2. Noe, they look good on you. Can you wear them more around the house to get used to them?
  3. Noe - I felt the same way about Rolandos at first, but after a few wears, I absolutely love them and can wear them for hours. I think that it requires a few wears to break them in adequately before you get used to them.

    They look fabulous and that color is so darn pretty.

    The first few times I wore my rolandos, they kept slipping off to the point where I was practically kicking them off as I was walking.
  4. oh, but they look so pretty on you!

    I love mine but I haven't worn them out of the house yet. I'm waiting for a time when I know I won't have to walk far or on any uneven ground.
  5. Wow Noe they are stunning on you though... Are you sure you can't just get used to them? is it the height? patent leather? maybe stretching could help... I wouldn't rush quite yet to toss them since they are so coveted. Or even could it be the sizing? did you see the post by lynn about the Vegas boutique having the wine rolandos? maybe you just need to size up? You might be able to make them comfier with padding... Good luck!
  6. Noe, they are gorgeous on you! How did you size in them? I'm going to try to order a pair from CL Vegas but I'm also worried about them being uncomfortable.
  7. THanks ladies... I edited my post to say that even though my toes feel like they are squished to the max they do slip off the back a bit... It's really the toe next to my pinky toe...
  8. I usually wear a 38-38.5 in most CL's I got these in a 39
  9. The toe next to my pinky toe takes a beating in my shoes too! Darn my wide feet and short, stubby toes.
  10. They are so gorgeous, i do know what you mean!! Such a tough decision
  11. Oh darn it noegirl! They look so gorgeous, but if they aren't comfy, I don't know if you should keep them. :crybaby: I'm at the point in my CL shopping that I can no longer compromise on comfort. Not that I have a whole lot of CLs, but I just want to make sure that the ones I do have I can wear and enjoy. Maybe the next size up w/padding would work for you?
  12. They are gorgeous! :flowers:
    If they're that uncomfortable, maybe you can try getting a half size up and keeping the pair that fits you the best?

    I didn't see the post that said they have them at the Vegas boutique. Did it say what sizes they have?? O_o

    *goes to find post*
  13. Noe, if you decide to go for the next 1/2 size up, there are a pair of 39.5s on ebay for $525 BIN. I WISH they were my size because at that price, I would snag them!
  14. Yeah I saw those!!! I just listed mine to see if I can recoup some costs... I am not sure if I want to rebuy them or get the red patent jolie noeuds
  15. I would by the jolie noeuds - if you are having trouble with slippage in this size rolando, I think getting a larger size wouldn't help (although it wouldn't squish your toes!)