Damn !! A $3.900 Food Delivery Bill From The UK to NY For...

  1. KANYE DENIES REPORTS OF $3,900 FOOD DELIVERY: Food is en route to NY, but rep says it’s not for the rapper.

    (March 7, 2007)

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    *It made national headlines Sunday – a music promotion company that agreed to pay $3,900 for a UK restaurant to fly a special order of Indian food to New York for a meeting with Kanye West that is scheduled for today.

    All of this, however, is news to Kanye.

    "There is no meeting in New York. There never has been," the rapper’s spokesman Gabe Tesoriero said Tuesday, according to AP. Tesoriero called the story "patently false."

    British Raj restaurant, located in Wales, had said that a music production company called in a special order of onion bhajees, chapati breads, biryanis, pappadums, a specially prepared fish dish and vegetables for West and seven guests to be served during a meeting on Wednesday in New York.

    Raj’s head chef Kaysor Ahmed said he would accompany the food via helicopter to New York in exchange for $3,900, which would cover his travel and hotel accommodations, among other incidentals.

    The restaurant confirmed Tuesday that the food was indeed on its way to New York by plane, and the bill was being footed by a promotion company called Raw Soul. But West won’t even be in New York this week, the rep says, and the food is not intended for him.
  2. That is a horrible picture of him. LOL.
  3. That's the Glamorous Life that Fergie is talking about!:roflmfao: I think I could get used to that. Just fly my favorite food in from whereever. Actually I don't think it's too much. I'm sure that type of treatment is common for celebrities--if you can fly it in..why not?
  4. :smile: nice
    I heard that russian millionaires pay $ 10.000 for dinners flown from France
  5. Gives me an idea. Maybe I should have some chips & gravy flown in from England.