Dammit Ame!

  1. SO today I managed to wash my husband's cellphone...the 2nd one in like 2 months time. Im so glad I put phone insurance on it when I washed the last one because my husband seems to never empty his pockets when he throws stuff inthe hamper. Luckily this time his wallet wasn't in there, bec last time I washed everything.

    Im so peeved at myself. :cursing:
  2. Awww, don't beat yourself up too much. Things happen. Good thing you put insurance on it!
  3. Ah don't worry, good it is insured, eventually you will get into the habit of checking his pockets first! We all do silly things!
  4. I hate doing the laundry so much. I just sort the colored ones from the white and dump them all in by batch. :p So it's no surprise to hubster if he ever loses yet another lighter or washes his paycheck :biggrin:
  5. Thank God for money wires, right? But still... you gotta save them for your files.
  6. or maybe train him to empty the pockets? ;)
  7. :yes:
  8. ITA! Not your fault at all!
  9. I agree with the training your Hubby to empty his pockets idea :roflmfao:

    At least it isnt as bad as finding a latex glove in the washer :wtf: (my moms a nurse)
  10. Yes, don't be too hard on yourself! He should learn to clean them out before putting them in the basket!
  11. Maybe now he'll remember to empty his pockets before putting them in the hamper. It's gonna be such a PITA to reprogram all those phone numbers!
  12. my man is the SAME way... i told him that whatever I find in his pockets becomes my property... LOL so when he leaves cash in there, I put it in my purse fund ;)

    it really does drive me nuts though, that and the socks always being inside out...