Damierlover's Hermes Birthday Surprise...

  1. After visiting Hermes in the big "city" last month, I'd been unable to commit to a purchase so I left empty handed. I just loved it all. I was shocked to find an orange box with brown ribbon in a gift bag after dinner tonight. DH had called a week or so later and managed to find the SA that waited on me (patiently I might add) and ordered this for my BD. Just wanted to share...it's called Faubough by Night and I love the colors. Posed with my LV Epi Black Speedy 30 and LV Black Cles. :woohoo::yahoo:[​IMG]
  2. That is beautiful!! What a wonderful scarf, such a great coloway to go with your LV. Stunning!!!

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you!!!

  3. DL - congrats and happy birthday! What a sweet DH you have!
  4. wow--gorgeous! love your bag and the scarf of course!
  5. oh stunning! love that colorway! i saw it in red recently and it was just beautiful! congrats and happy bday!
  6. Modeling pics? I'd like to see how this scarf folds. And Happy Birthday!!! That was so nice of DH.
  7. Happy Birthday DL, and what a thoughtful and sweet DH you have! Your new scarf is beautiful!
  8. Agree! Sweet DH! I LOVE this scarf!
  9. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday, DL!
  11. Happy Happy Birthday DL:balloon::balloon: Your scarf is lovely:heart:
  12. gorgeous scarf and wonderful hubby! congrats! yes, modeling pics please!!!
  13. Gorgeous scarf- LOVE the color! Congrats!
  14. Congratulations, and happy birthday! That scarf is FABULOUS!!
  15. I adore this scarf and colourway, you deserve it!