"Damiere" shawl?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone owns these beautiful shawls? I know we have a whole thread devoted to the cashmere's but I'm just wondering if anyone out there owns one and can post pictures......I'm dying for one and have only seen pictures of Kallie's (which is stunning) color way which MAY not work for me.

  2. I believe Mai Tai posted pics of hers and one more person. I can't remember too but the pictures also made me fall madly in love with them! I have never seen one in real life!
  3. 'Damier' GM in Cashmere/Silk (vieux rose/ivoire/ocre/jaune) AW2008

    [​IMG]This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized 750x600 and weights 179KB.[​IMG]
    Credit - MaiTai
  4. MaiTai (reposted from the scarf thread).... hope you don't mind MaiTai

  5. OMG! Isn't that beautiful????

    Thank you, Rose!

    And Hanybags AND MaiTai (who makes everything look scrumptious!)
  6. That is beautiful on MaiTai!
  7. I think DiamondS has one too but I can't find her pic. I feel like hers is in shades of browns/tapues etc.... I'm not sayin..... I'm just sayin....
  8. Oh dear.....this may be a difficult decision...........
  9. You guys are fantastic!
  10. I have it in colorway #4. It's very fragile.
  11. I have one in a different colourway and can post pix shortly...
  12. Thank you!!!!

    Mellies.......Fragile? Is it thinner than the regular shawl? And are the edges sewn so it doesn't fray?
  13. Except my camera is not cooperating... it is definitely thinner and the edges are sewn so there is no fraying...