DamierAzur experts! Calling in Damier Azur Experts!

  1. did Damier Azur come in either of these?

    - KeepAll 50
    - Noe

    I wonder if they did and if they can be purchased anywhere? I get mixed responses from 866
  2. noe for sure..not sure about keepall 50..i know there is a keepall, just not sure of the size.
  3. You can always check vuitton.com .

    Yes, they were both produced in Azur.
  4. As Karman stated, both were indeed produced.

    I saw both the Keepall and Noe on display the other day.
  5. Def...or atleast you can in the UK.
  6. I know for sure the Noe was made and I know there was a Keepall, but I forgot what size