1. which is your fav.?
    I really want to get one for christmas, and well. I prefer larger bags to small
    because I usually carry around loads of crap haha
    Any recomendations?
  2. speedy 30 (:
  3. I love the duomo! I have the damier speedy 25 right now and would love to upgrade to the duomo! hehe
  4. Duomo!
  5. Finally got the Saleya PM I've wanted for ages and it is great. Squishy but not baggy, spacious but not too big, comfortable to carry in hand or on arm.
  6. Has anyone seen an used/secondhand duomo anywhere?
    The retail is almost double the price of speedy :sad: *sigh*
    I can probably spend up to 1000. Not sure if I can get a duomo at that price.
  7. I love my speedy, but my next damier piece will be the duomo!
  8. Do you like handheld bags or shoulder bags?
  9. definately shoulder bags!:yes:
  10. Damier Alma! my fave!
  11. I love damier, Duomo, Ribera MM, Alma....
  12. Saleya PM is gorgeous and sooooooo classy!
  13. I vote for Damier Alma. :yes:
  14. For a shoulder bag, definitely Saleya PM.
  15. my favorite damier bags are the speedy, saleya pm, and duomo