1. I thought Damier had been around for a while but I was just told by a SA at Elux that it just came out this past summer??!!!?? Is this true? :confused1:
  2. the Damier came out before the Monogram, so....
  3. No..damier came out in 1888 (before mono).May be she's confused..
  4. That is what I thought lol
  5. I think the SA might have thought you meant one of the bags IN the Damier line?? The Damier pattern was the first pattern created by Vuitton.
  6. someone pls correct me if i'm wrong..but I think the Damier SPEEDY came out in June...

  7. Yes June 1st
  8. Shame on the sales rep that told you that, Damier came out before the monogram canvas, maybe she was speaking about the speedy??? :shrugs:
  9. Yes Damier has been around for decades. I find it funny when we know more than the SAs.
  10. i don't think the eLuxury reps specialize in LV, even if it were owned by LVMH, so they probably don't know as much as the ones at the 866 do. after all, they keep track of every other brand on the website too :yes:
  11. The SA said that the Damier line had its debut this summer lol. He was not just talking about speedy he said the Damier collection
  12. I think she is talking about the Damier speedy.
  13. Was he talking about the Damier azur collection?
  14. What is up with the SAs lately, didn't one just tell a member that all LVs sold in North America were made in the USA?? Now Damier is a new pattern?? LOL
  15. I don't even think the people at 866 know a whole lot either.