damier ZIPPY WALLET - thoughts???

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  1. ok guys...ive never bought an LV wallet before. I usually use other brands such as gucci, prada, fendi etc. but im absolutely in LOVe with the damier zippy wallet!!! however i just dont know if i can justify spending $700 on it! what should i do....buy the wallet? or put that money towards the next bag on my wishlist - the tivoli gm.
  2. LV wallets are an absolute must and will last for many years. They are worth every penny! I've been using mine every day for over ten years and it still looks new. Look at it as cost per wear. Think of how many times per day you take your wallet out and how luxurious it will be to have the damier zippy and bow proud you'll be to use it. The zippy is a wonderful wallet and the damier print will look as nice in ten years as it does now. Get the wallet. Just bite the bullet and gulp a bit and do it. You will NEVER be sorry that you did. The quality is just wonderful.
  3. I have a vernis zippy and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Go for it!! They are worth the $$$
  4. it's worth every penny practical.
  5. I went through that too...I love wallets. But I had the same dilemma. Now, even though I love wallets I see why a bag is probably more reasonable for that price.
  6. It sounds like you really love it, so it would be worth the money to have it!
  7. It's common for those who has never purchased an LV wallet to not be able to justify the price, since it costs more than some of their bags! But I agree with charleston-mom, they are definitely worth it! Majority of those who own an LV wallet never regretted getting one. Get the wallet first and save up for that tivoli later. ;) Damier is a great choice! Classic print - never go out of style, maintenance-free and durable.

  8. I agree. My Zippy is the best wallet I've purchased!
  9. i think u will for sure use the wallet everyday
    but not the bag everyday~~
  10. LV wallets are far more durable than Prada, Fendi or even Chanel wallets. You wont' regret. Imho, wallets are as important as bags.
  11. If I where you I would really go for the wallet. You might switch your bag but a wallet is something you have with you everyday. I don't own an LV wallet but an MBMJ and everytime I look at it I smile because I worked for it. Plus the LV wallets seem to be very durable.
  12. Get It! I love LV wallets!
  13. I have a Zippy in Damier and love it.
  14. ^^me too!!
  15. Yes get the wallet! Can I suggest getting one in vernis?;) Definately worth the $$!