Damier Zippy Wallet or Pomme Zippy Wallet?


Damier or Pomme Zippy wallet?

  1. Damier (ebene)

  2. Pomme d'Amour

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  1. Which would you choose?

    1. The Damier would match with my Saleya and be more understated.

    2. The Pomme is gorgeous, so gorgeous it would also work as a clutch. Also it's seasonal and will soon be sold out.

    3. BUT is the Pomme a bit flashy for a daily wallet? Might it work better in a French purse or Ludlow?

    4. Price difference, Pomme is more money.

  2. Understated is always classy without the flash. There's nothing wrong with the Vernis Pomme, but it might not be appropriate for daily use.
  3. Pomme for sure..it's a great daily wallet, I carried my fuchsia PTI for at least two years before getting a different wallet. Not because I had to but because I loved the black MC :smile:
  4. Pomme is gorgeous as I love vernis
    Damier is more durable for daily use so depending on what you need....
  5. i think the damier is better as an everyday wallet. i love the pomme, though.
  6. Pomme would look great w/ your Saleya, too!
  7. Pomme would be a great everyday wallet. The damier zippy has a very masculine look to me. JMHO
  8. I'd say Pomme :smile:
  9. My vote is for the Pomme. :love:
  10. Pomme, it's SO gorgeous, you will not be able to stop looking at it. It appears very durable to me.
  11. pommmmmmeee
  12. I vote pomme- I like flashy!
  13. I'm not a fan of Damier in Ebony (but some styles are nice) so I would go for a Pomme Zippy.
  14. Pomme! but i think maybe Damier will last longer?
  15. Either wallet is a good choice.

    I don't think the Pomme looks too flashy at all.