Damier with camouflage, can I pull it off?

  1. My husband bought me this very cute little hoodie this weekend, it's a feminine olive green camouflage knit. I love it! I want to wear it tomorrow! But do you think I could wear it with my Damier bag?

    I am afraid it's just too casual a top to wear with the Damier canvas...?

    Here is the top


    I'll probably do it anyway, just wondered what opinions are...
  2. absolutely. you can totally pull it off. damier can be casual or dressy. go for it.
  3. Rock it! To me, if you are comforatble with it, do it! Plus, the brown in the damier canvas will pull the brown you see in this top (which I think is really cute!) and it will stand out more :smile:
  4. I think it's so cute. I would like it even better if it came in pink *favorite color*. I would wear my Damier with it.
  5. See, I knew you guys would be able to help me!

    It's the first time I have ever had any kind of camo clothing, maybe that's why I was hesitant. :smile:
  6. OMG...

    1. I love green
    2. I love camouflage

    I too, was concerned with wearing casual things w/ my damier. (I returned it because of this..long story) :blink: Anyway I bought it "again" and I learned my lesson. :yes: Casual/dressy it all works with damier/mono!

    That hoodie will look SOOO cute w/ your damier speedy!!!;)
  7. I used to have a pair of green camo shorts and flip-flops. I loved them!! My Dad used to be in the Air Force, so I grew up seeing all that stuff.
  8. Definitely, it'd be quite cute together !
  9. def yes! that would look so friggin hot!
  10. Abosolutely! You are going to look stunning!:biggrin::flowers:
  11. oh yes!!!
  12. i think it would look great together. brown & green totally go!
  13. ooo yea some tight jeans or capris and high heels??
  14. Me too!! :love:
  15. You can definitely pull it off with a damier piece. It goes with alot of clothing.